Behind the Scenes with BRAINEFFECT

Riding the wave towards self-optimization

Do you remember the 2011 movie Limitless? The one with Bradley Cooper, an unsuccessful New Yorker who becomes a brilliant writer by self-medicating with a new drug that stimulates the brain and enhances intelligence, memory, concentration and perceptive skills? The movie starts as a utopian alternative-world in which becoming more productive, focused and clear is just one swallow away.

While the movie is fiction and exaggeration, BRAINEFFECT and its effects are real. The performance-food company’s goal is to optimize mental and physical performance by using ingredients and training-concepts from the world of high-performance sports. Departing from the movie, BRAINEFFECT counts on ingredients with high levels of purity, a high biological availability, natural products and a 3-step-quality-monitoring. They have been developed under close surveillance of athletes, medical experts and nutritionists and proofed by various studies. The motto: One’s state of the mind is the key to reach one’s goals – mentally or physically. Especially top athletes are the pioneers of mental optimization and therefore a lot of times also of biohacking: Also Fabian Foelsch, the founder of BRAINEFFECT, is a big advocate of getting to know one’s body in the best way possible to become one’s best possible version. To reach this goal biohacking makes use of nutrition, routines, fitness, sleep and even DNA. This is why the BRAINEFFECT product palette splits into four fields: Concentration, sleep, energy and well-being. Every problem has a BRAINEFFECT answer – whether it’s jetlag, a restless night, a writer’s block, a stressful week or a gaming low. The German brand doesn’t only work for athletes or marketing animals, but students, gamers and super-heroes and –heroines.

If you want to know more about BRAINEFFECT, self-optimization and bio-hacking check out BRAINEFFECT ’s blog, their coachings and podcast Talking Brains – taking education into their own hands.