20 Minutes with Lori Haberkorn

About believing, coping with COVID-19 and feminist astrology

To bring your outer and inner consciousness onto one dream diary-page has never been more relevant than now. We are forced to spend time with ourselves, to leave superficiality behind and to reconnect with our inner selves by the current circumstances. Since most of us have literally and actually lived in their outer world until a couple of weeks ago, we never learned how to live in and with our inner one. Lori Haberkorn, however, is a pro on the subject. She is a modern astrologer and women’s empowerment coach, helping people to find their paths in life, to manifest their wishes and to rediscover themselves. Keywords are self-love, change and mindfulness. With the help of birth charts, moon manifestations and spiritual rituals, Lori helps women to find their way to their inner essence. We talked with her about non-believers, coping with COVID-19 and feminist astrology.

Nele Tüch: For people who never heard about ‘The Law of Attraction’, never confronted the idea of ‘Modern Astrology’ or ‘Moon Manifesting’ these terms might sound abstract, could you make them more relatable for us?
Lori Haberkorn: Yes, of course - I would love to! The ‘Law of Attraction’ is the belief and concept, that you can create the life you are desiring by consciously working with your subconscious mind and your energies. It says that “like attracts like”. If you think and feel positive you attract and create positive results in your life. This is what I teach in my coachings by using manifestation: At first you have to get into your subconscious mind and work through all your limiting belief patterns to delete your subconscious negative thinking in order to create a new, positive mindset. If you once are positively programmed and learned the rules of manifestation, you can truly manifest and create the life you wish for. Reading this, it sounds too easy to be true and the truth is, it is a lot of work – it is a constant process of learning and growing. The good thing is: Everyone can create this amazing change in their life and it gets easier with each and every day!

I also love to work with the stars, the universe and the energies they create. I use them as a tool to understand oneself better. They can be used to work on one’s vision. I do this through ‘Birth Chart Readings’, as well as the daily and future constellation of the planets. I combine this with zeitgeist topics – this is how I bring the modern aspect into it: “As above, so below”
‘Moon Manifesting’ is one part of it. While getting into the process of creating the life we desire, I use the phases and energies of the moon to create some extra magic and support when manifesting your dream life!

"I am destined to read the codes
of the universe, to work with the
elemental wisdom to create a wealthy
and fulfilled life, to be a teacher and to coach people. It is my life purpose
and it is written in my birth chart."

NT: Where did you get your interest in astrology?
Lori Haberkorn: It is very natural for me as I was raised by living with the moon and diving into higher spirits and practices. My mum is a real hippie-witch and I am forever grateful for learning from her! It is even written in my stars. I am destined to read the codes of the universe, to work with the elemental wisdom to create a wealthy and fulfilled life, to be a teacher and to coach people. It is my life purpose and it is written in my birth chart.

NT: Do you have a personal story of change?
Lori Haberkorn: Yes, I guess so many of us have to have a long journey of constantly learning and growing before finally stepping into one’s very own power. It was the same with me: I worked for several years in the creative scene of music and fashion before finding my true life purpose. Funny enough, the universe and especially the moon were always a topic and part of my work, even when I changed what I was doing in my outer world. I had to experience a lot of hard situations that made me realize how precious life and health is and how strongly you have to work with your own mindset and energies. I found my true self when I was at the lowest and darkest point in my life, about ten years ago. The darkest moment in my life created the most beautiful and bright change in my life. From this moment on, I made the commitment of changing for good and so I did!

NT: What’s the biggest prejudice about astrology you would like to break?
Lori Haberkorn: That it is esoteric “Hokus Pokus”. So many people still have the picture of old wise women or men in dark cloaks, holding a crystal ball and telling you when you will marry, have children or die, in their heads. This is not true. Astrology is an ancient art of reading the codes of the stars, of understanding the movement and constellations of the planets and of connecting their energies. Everything has an energy.

I love to ask people who are judging astrology this question: How do you think life would be without the sun being around the earth – would there be any light, any warmth, any life? The energy of the sun is creating life, without her, our world would be a dark, cold place where nothing would grow or live. With this example everyone understands that everything is connected and everything has an energy that is affecting the earth and therefore also us. We know how planets are moving, connecting with each other and therefore, we can explore and read the stars. We can estimate which energies and topics will become more intense in specific times and phases.

Last year, every good astrologer predicted that 2020 will be the year of massive changes, in which we have to leave many old structures behind to create new ones that fit into the new world: The Aquarian Age.

"We start to focus on what really
matters. Values, family, happiness,
time, and creating something
meaningful becomes more important
than success, career and social

NT: With social media trends like self-love and awareness our society seems to slow down a little bit. Time for oneself seems to be the new status symbol. What do you think about these developments?
Lori Haberkorn: I think that these developments are needed a lot. For such a long time we were only living in the outer world – not reflecting, not focusing on what really matters, even losing ourselves. The world was only about performance and pace. To rest and just be, this feeling was so far away for so many people. But now, the focus is changing. The values of spirituality, awareness and inner work are already around for some years and will become even more important in the following years.

Right now, we are at the beginning of a new era. We are allowed, even forced, to learn new behavioural patterns because of COVID19. To wander inwards, to not focus on the outer world with all the superficiality and missing depth, but to explore our inner world, our soul, our feelings and our pure wishes and core essences, to finally find the depth that was missing for such a long time. We start to focus on what really matters. Values, family, happiness, time, and creating something meaningful becomes more important than success, career and social status. So many people are changing their jobs right now, starting a new business, because they spend time with themselves and truly choose themselves and their values. This is a really beautiful change!

NT: You are not shying away from topics like fertility, female lust and menstruation. How feminist is astrology?
Lori Haberkorn: As I work a lot with the moon, the planet of female nature, fertility, our precious subconscious mind and inner as well as outer growth, the topic of female power is pretty big in my work. Women used to live and therefore menstruate with the moon. They were always in the natural cycle of the moon and nature. Also you can start to live with the moon to receive some additional power. There are so many amazing moon goddesses and their feminist stories... Women used to be the ruling goddesses and all of these goddess’ energies are still in ourselves. We just have to explore and empower them again in ourselves. We can find a lot of female goddess’ energies in ourselves if we work with the goddess asteroids in our birth charts.

NT: In February and March 2020 you took a break from Social Media. Is that something you do often?
Lori Haberkorn: To be honest, I have never done it before because I love to communicate with my community every day! I guess I would not have done it if I did not have to do it! I was offline to work for a very big (still secret) project. I had to work very concentrated and focused, this definitely would not have been possible if I would have been available on social media. At the beginning it was very hard for me since I could not do any of my coachings and teachings. In these two months I really missed serving and being in contact with my clients. But after a while I felt very good and comfortable by completely serving myself. All in all, I will give myself some social media time breaks again in the future – maybe not two whole months though.

NT: You are getting hired by a lot of big lifestyle brands. How does your work match with the creative industry?
Lori Haberkorn: As I come from the creative industry I am very much aware of what is important for big lifestyle brands and how I can add more value to their community and their employees. For companies, I write astrological and motivational texts, create team coachings or weekly spiritual vision and success lessons combined with guided meditations. Additionally, I support brands by connecting their products and vision with the magic of the universe and modern spirituality. Big brands realise that people are seeking for something more meaningful, that they want to grow inside to reach for something higher and greater. They know it is a great add-on for their company or brand, as well as for their community, to bring more clarity, inner peace and therefore focus, motivation, faith and success into whatever they do.


"Everyone has this elemental energy and the tools to create the most amazing and golden life of their dreams in themselves!"


NT: How can your techniques also be helpful for non-believers?
Lori Haberkorn: Since I started my business I am very grateful to not have been confronted with any non-believers. People who come to me already know, that they are made for something bigger in their life. They know about their inner great power and their desire for change, but they need support and a clear plan to reveal and empower it. Most importantly they need to stay with their new energy and drive of change. Everyone has this elemental energy and the tools to create the most amazing and golden life of their dreams in themselves! They just don’t know where to start and how to use the tools. This is what I teach them.

NT: Personal leeway (=Freiraum) - what does it mean for you and where can you find it?
Lori Haberkorn: For me it is to be able to do what I love to do and to feel inner peace, joy and love while doing it. Knowing that it will inspire many other people to make changes. I find my personal leeway every day, when I create, how I create, where I create and with who I create. I am giving myself enough space for what I love, my family, my little dog, my friends, but also for myself to grow. I love to constantly learn, read books, but also invest in myself by taking online courses, connecting with motivational coaches to inspire myself and my community. This is what true wealth and abundance means to me.

NT: What can every one of us do at home to stay closer to oneself – especially in times like these?
Lori Haberkorn: I find great support in my daily rituals, starting with my morning ritual of making a gratitude list. In phases of big changes, when we feel like we are losing the connection to what we love in our outer world, it can help to realize what you already have in your life and what you are grateful and thankful for. We have so much to be grateful for, gratitude is the easiest and quickest way to change your energies from a low frequency into a higher frequency. This is why I make a list of things I am grateful and thankful for to get into a positive energy right after waking up. The energy of gratitude is the best energy for manifestation, so this is why I get into my morning meditation right afterwards: I manifest three things that I want to achieve this day. After meditations, I need to move my body and finally start the day energized with a quick dance and hot coffee. This is a ritual I already do a couple of months and maybe some of you will enjoy it as well. Another good idea is journaling to reflect where you are right now, how you feel and what you can take out of this current situation. Yoga, sports, breath work, rituals to receive clarity and motivation are other ways to stay close to yourself. Now is the best time to reflect and explore your core essences. You can always ask yourself some questions? Are you happy in what you are doing right now or do you feel like change is needed in your personal and professional life? If not, how can you dive deeper into your purpose to create an even more meaningful service to others? And if the answer is yes - Now is the time to cut it off, to leave the old behind and finally step into your full potential. When, if not now?


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