04 Jan 2021, 12:00 am

Video Insides: Boteanicals

Meet Florian, the founder of the organic tea brand Boteanicals talking about the environment, social issues within the industry and the world of tastes

For the second round of the new Freiraum format 'Video Insides', Florian of Boteanicals meets with the journalist and activist, Eliza Edwards, who is specialised in environmental and ethical design. The founder of the German tea brand is focused on developing exquisite new taste combinations made with all-natural, organics and fairly produced ingredients. In the talk with Eliza, Florian tells us the difference between "real tea" and herbal or fruit tea. The two address environmental but also social topics within the tea industry and Florian reveals his conscious Boteanicals' strategy.

The Brand – Boteanicals

The goal of Boteanicals is to bring everyone closer to the extraordinary world of tea. Instead of using cheap supermarket tea bags, Boteanicals wants us to celebrate tea culture with elaborate tastes and high-quality ingredients. The brand is sustainable, environmental-friendly and fairly produced but the most important factor about the German culinary label is its combination of tastes – an unprecedented experience!



All Boteanicals tea's ingredients are of high-quality, ecological and organic nature. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used for the cultivation and the Boteanicals teas are anually certified. Every component of the tea is used in its natural form and hasn't been modified before.

Fair Production

Every Boteanical's tea has been produced under fair conditions. This does not only conclude the creation and mix of the tea in Germany by hand but also the cultivation of all ingredients. The international growing of the tea's components is done in a fair, social, sustainable and environmental-friendly way.


The Boteanicals' packaging is completely plastic-free and the tea cans are reusable, recyclable and without plastic as well. The beautiful tea cans can become an integral part of your kitchen's interior even when you drank all of the delicious tea. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to store spices, coffee or rice.

Have a look at the Boteanicals Instagram page for more impressions.